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Asian Rhinoplasty (with Medpor)

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Asian Rhinoplasty

What is the Difference between Asian Rhinoplasty and Normal Rhinoplasty?

The most important feature of the face, the nose impacts the beauty of the face overall. Many people feel their noses are out of harmony with the rest of their faces and seek out a fix in the form of Rhinoplasty.

Caucasian vs Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian Rhinoplasty, however, differs from Caucasian Rhinoplasty. Caucasian Rhinoplasty aims reduce the size of the nose while Asian Rhinoplasty involves making the nose larger. Those of Asian heritage often have a shorter, wider nose with less projection. The most common nose is one with a flat bridge but a bulbous tip. As such, augmentation is more popular than reduction.
Each patient’s facial features are unique and everyone has different expectations from surgery. Some are content to try dermal fillers which can fill out the flatter bridge. However, for those seeking a more permanent solution, Rhinoplasty is the best option. Asian Rhinoplasty, unlike Caucasian Rhinoplasty, prefers silicone implants over the patient’s own bone as the bone is often too large or difficult to shape for the surgery.

What Can Be Done?

There is an art to Asian Rhinoplasty, one that Dr. Sackelariou has perfected over the years. He understands that Asian nose jobs are not the same as Caucasian and, as such, can avoid issues common among more inexperienced surgeons such as: inadequate nose tip projection, overlarge nose bridge, inappropriate nostril narrowing, implant extrusion and breaking of the nasal bones. Surgeons perform Asian Rhinoplasty either open (with incisions under the nostrils or bridge) or closed (with incisions inside the nostrils).

Asian Rhinoplasty with Implants

Often, in Caucasian surgery, surgeons use bone to construct the new nose. However, in most Asian patients, this is not possible as the bone is too large or too rigid to work. Dr. Sackelariou uses implants instead. These bone-like implants are made from a porous polyethylene. A rigid implant with many small holes allows tissue and blood vessels to grow through the implant, holding it in place. Thanks to their porous nature, implants have a far lower rate of movement than many other implants so that revision surgery is unnecessary. Surgeons warm the implants so they soften and mould to the underlying bone, further disguising the implant and making the nose appear more natural.

Asian Rhinoplasty and Dr Sackelariou

Implants prove to be safe for surgery and their cosmetic outcome is excellent. There are minimal amounts of surgery time and no extra donation sites, meaning fewer scars! On the topic of scarring, further scarring is reduced if you are a good candidate for Closed Asian Rhinoplasty.
With his caring demeanour and years of experience, Dr. Sackelariou is the best choice for your Asian Rhinoplasty Surgery. You will come away with a more natural, beautiful face that will give you back your confidence!

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