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Types of Facelift – Upper, Mid and Lower Facelifts

Different Types of Facelift – Comparing Upper Facelift, Mid Facelift, and Lower Facelift If you’ve considered a facelift, odds are you did your web research and now you are feeling confused about the many Types of Facelifts. Most patients think that a facelift is an all-encompassing procedure that fixes every area of the face. But,
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Avoid Revision Rhinoplasty

Avoid Revision Nose Surgery by finding the BEST Nose Surgeon

How to Avoid Revision Nose Surgery: Find a Nose Expert Rhinoplasty is a popular surgery that can improve NOT only the look of your nose but the entire appearance of your face. However, Revisional Rhinoplasty is not uncommon. Avoid revision nose surgery and find out why Rhinoplasty Surgeons don’t ALWAYS get nose reshaping surgery right
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Man Boobs Gynecomastia

What causes Man Boobs or Gynecomastia?

Common Causes of Man Boobs or Gynecomastia Breast tissues and nipples in men of all ages may become puffy-looking or protruding due to a number of varying factors. But enlarged, puffy breasts may occur more frequently at different times of life. This is the condition known as either Gynecomastia, Male Breasts or ‘Man Boobs’ Dr
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Why Cheek Fat Pad Elevation can give a better outcome during Face or Cheek Surgery

Cheek Surgery and Fat Pads during a Facelift Face and Cheek Surgery can include elements such as Cheek Augmentation, Buccal Fat Surgery and Malar Fat Pad Elevation to improve the look of your mid-face area. Dr Richard Sackelariou is a leading facial plastic surgeon for Cheek and Facelift surgery, he operates in both Melbourne and
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Dr Richard Sackelariou breast reduction

Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Recovery Tips For many women with very large breasts, Breast Reduction Surgery can help reduce back pain, neck pain and shoulder area pain which relates to having heavy, large or pendulous breasts. Here are some great Breast Reduction Recovery tips to assist you. Start by reading the Breast Reduction procedure page or downloading
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eyelid lift sydney melbourne

Saggy Eyelids – 5 Signs You’re Ready for an Eyelid lift

Is Eyelid Lift Surgery Really Necessary When You have Saggy Eyelids? Sometimes, facial cosmetic injections can remedy a bit of ptosis for a temporary period of time. Alternatively, depending on your facial anatomy, a surgeon may suggest a brow lift or combined brow lift/eyelid lift surgery. Not all eyelid surgery is cosmetic. In fact, it’s
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5 Things You Should Know About Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation Options and Facelift Surgery Knowing your facial rejuvenation options means you’ll be aware of how both your skin and facial anatomy change with time. You’ll also know what the best solutions will involve, including skincare and cosmetic injections. Are you wanting to refresh your look and restore a firmer jawline with a Facelift?
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Popular Cosmetic Surgery

What are the Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures performed by Dr Richard Sackelariou The American Plastic Surgeon Association (ASPS) does a survey annually to ascertain the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures and top treatments. And the results are much the same as they have been for more than a decade, the top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures are usually: 1.
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