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Avoid Revision Nose Surgery by finding the BEST Nose Surgeon

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Avoid Revision Nose Surgery by finding the BEST Nose Surgeon

Avoid Revision Rhinoplasty

How to Avoid Revision Nose Surgery: Find a Nose Expert

Rhinoplasty is a popular surgery that can improve NOT only the look of your nose, but the entire appearance of your face.  Yet Revisional Rhinoplasty is not uncommon. Avoid revision nose surgery and find out why Rhinoplasty Surgeons don’t ALWAYS get nose reshaping surgery right the first time.

Avoid Revision Rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping is a very complex procedure.

Did you know that there are about 25 different sub-procedures that could be combined to make up a nose operation?  Grafts, Alarplasty, Septoplasty and a whole lot more.

That’s why nose surgery revision rates can be up to 20-25% for some nose surgeons.

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Types of Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) Procedures Include:

  • Reduction rhinoplasty, where the nose is made smaller
  • Augmentation rhinoplasty, where the nose is made bigger
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty  where specific cultural features are addressed (such as Asian Rhinoplasty or a ‘Roman Nose’)
  • Post-traumatic rhinoplasty, where an injury or accident has occurred
  • Revisional rhinoplasty, where prior nose surgery is corrected

GET THE NOSE YOU WANT – Choose the right nose surgeon for a particular type of nose job

Avoid Revision Nose Surgery

To increase your chance of getting the rhinoplasty results you want the first time, you should also select a Surgeon with specific experience in performing the type of Rhinoplasty sub-procedure(s) that you want to have.

ENT Surgeons are typically good at functional nose and throat surgery while Specialist Plastic Surgeons excel at aesthetic nose surgery or the overall appearance of the nose and face.

Please avoid choosing an underqualified “Cosmetic Doctor” –

Dr Richard Sackelariou is a Top Revision Rhinoplasty expert in Melbourne & Sydney.

Choose highly skilled Surgeons for Rhinoplasty or Revisional Rhinoplasty

Even the most skilled Plastic Surgeon is not able to predict with 100% certainty how a Rhinoplasty (nose job) will go – or how you’ll heal, as an individual.

Plus, no rhinoplasty result is ever completely perfect, just as no two sides of the face are perfectly symmetrical – there are excellent results in comparison to what you’re starting with (and want to change), but there’s just no such thing as an absolutely perfect nose job.

However, our highly accomplished surgical team use their advanced technical skills, artistic touch and extensive experience – including pre-surgery planning with 3D Imaging technology like Vectra 3D technology where required – to help you get your nose as close to ‘perfect’ for your facial balance as is possible by a Surgeon.

Avoid Revision Nose Surgery


Without a careful and meticulous Specialist Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience, however, a nose job will rarely go according to plan. That’s why choosing the most experienced Nose Reshaping Surgeon is so important, and why you’ll want to keep your expectations realistic.

Revisional rhinoplasty is sometimes necessary, however, even with the best surgical approaches for your nose reshaping procedure. 

Avoid Revision Rhinoplasty

3 Reasons why Rhinoplasty Surgeons don’t always succeed with your first or primary Rhinoplasty

Reason 1: Some Noses Are Just Unpredictable and Challenging

A study published in the Pulsus Plastic Surgery Journal showed that there are some noses that could be classified as being “more difficult” or less difficult” in terms of predictability to how the nose will respond to rhinoplasty procedures.

If your nose is particularly challenging to reshape or correct, then it might be necessary for you to have a Revision Rhinoplasty to get a more obvious result.  In this scenario, the Surgeon ends up crafting more defined contours or modifying the nose in slight or more moderate ways, after you’ve healed from your FIRST surgery. You may also need to accept that there are certain limits to what can actually be achieved surgically (again, realistic expectations that take into account what you’re starting with, are very important to satisfying nose surgery results).

Reason 2: Your Skin Thickness Impacts The End Result Of The Nose Surgery

The same study found that noses with very thick skin do not contract enough after certain types of nose reduction or reshaping surgery. This means that individuals with this type of skin, won’t necessarily be able to achieve much smaller noses.

During your Rhinoplasty consultation, your Specialist Surgeon will aim to advise you if the desired effect you seek is possible from one nose surgery – or if it is likely that more than one nose surgery will be necessary to get you the results you’re after.

Reason 3: Patient Noses Heal Differently after Surgery

Patience is very important when it comes to seeing the end result of rhinoplasty surgery.

  • It typically takes a number of months for surgical swelling to go down
  • Rapid Recovery protocols can help, but you will want to be patient and to follow post-op healing instructions exactly
  • Be sure to have good support during the healing phase, especially in the days or weeks immediately after your surgery
  • During the healing time, which can take months, the final appearance of your new nose won’t be entirely visible.
  • Be prepared to question yourself about having the surgery until you can fully see the final results (this can seem like a very long time)
  • After surgery, you may need to wait for several months to see if your surgeon was able to get it right the first time, or if a second rhinoplasty procedure is needed to get you your dream nose.

Avoid Revision Rhinoplasty

Always Select a Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist Surgeon for the first Nose surgery

It is extremely important to choose a fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon and nose reshaping specialist with extensive experience in Rhinoplasty procedures to optimise your chances of getting the best possible results the FIRST time.

Whilst there’s still no guarantee as to how your face and nose will heal and respond to the surgery, you’ll at least know you’re in very capable, highly skilled hands with a specialist who is also sought after for their Revisional Rhinoplasty Surgery expertise.

Your surgeon should be fully trained, accredited and experienced, and it helps to know the difference between a so-called “Cosmetic Surgeon” and a Plastic Surgeon or other types of medical practitioners performing surgery. This will give you the best chance to avoid revision nose surgery.


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