5 Things You Should Know About Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation Options and Facelift Surgery

Knowing your facial rejuvenation options means you’ll be aware of how both your skin and facial anatomy change with time. You’ll also know what the best solutions will involve, including skincare and cosmetic injections.

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Why not see respected Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Sackelariou for facial rejuvenation including Facelift options such as SMAS or MACS.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of the face can leave you with a ‘new outlook’ on life. This is because it can help restore a patient’s facial confidence. It’s very important to have realistic expectations about facelift surgery, but if you understand what it can accomplish and are willing to go through the recovery process, most patients report a very high satisfaction rate.

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Facelift Research: How Much Younger Will I Look After a Facelift?

Remember, all patients are different and therefore results will vary from patient to patient.

  • Often, a Facelift will get patients a good result if they also invest in skin rejuvenation (rejuvenating serums, skin peels or laser resurfacing) along with either a neck lift, chin augmentation, lip lift or eyelid surgery, (or a combination of these procedures).
  • Combing Cosmetic Injections with Facelift surgery is growing in popularity, this is because the results are more dramatic. 
  • So, be sure you ask about the most holistic approach to your facelift options, including anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections, before you decide which strategy will be best to help refresh your look and reduce loose skin, sagging jowls or facial wrinkles.
  • A facelift does not necessarily treat wrinkles BUT it can reduce sagging skin and tighten tissues in the treated area(s); wrinkles may need additional specific treatments such as skin lasers, dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, and other anti-ageing solutions.

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What Are Some of the Biggest Risks of Having a Facelift?

Getting the wrong Surgeon and/or having surgery in a backroom or overseas medical facility rather than in an accredited hospital facility with seasoned anaesthetists.

All surgery carries risk, including a facelift or neck lift procedure. With a facelift, if your Surgeon gets it wrong, you could end up with permanent facial disfigurement instead of improvements. Or you could look ‘overstretched’  instead of natural.  This is why getting a cheap facelift either overseas or by a non-Specialist Plastic Surgeon with extensive facelift experience is not a good idea.

There’s often no greater risk to your safety and facelift results than choosing a Surgeon who isn’t; highly trained, lacks experience in facial rejuvenation or doesn’t fully understand and take into account complex facial anatomy and sterility and safety precautions.

Dr Sackelariou is a precision Plastic Surgeon who has extensive experience, high-level qualifications and a dedication to getting patients natural-looking facelift results. Experience is vital in this procedure so you need to ensure you do your research. Here are the top 5 things you should know before getting a facelift.

facelift options melbourne


1.  Before Getting a Facelift – Research the Market!

  • When it comes to facial rejuvenation options research is key.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone can follow through with high expectations for facial procedures in the cosmetic surgery, cosmetic facial injections and plastic surgery industry.
  • If a complication occurs after a procedure, this needs Specialist Plastic Surgeon/top-level medical management and patient care excellence.
  • One of the big things to remember when you research your options for a facelift is that the look of the clinic or advertising will not determine the quality of work.
  • Quality comes only with superior knowledge and experience. So make sure you sit down with your surgeon and ask all the relevant questions.

Please phone us or send an enquiry form for a FACT SHEET on Facelift Surgery. Alternatively, you can call to schedule a no-obligation consultation for facial rejuvenation with Dr Richard Sackelariou. He performs strategically-planned facial rejuvenation procedures including; facelift surgery, neck lift surgery, jawline and chin enhancements such as chin augmentation, upper lift lip surgery, facial injections for reducing wrinkles or dermal filler injections for feature volume restoration, nose reshaping surgery and eyelid lift procedures.

For details of which surgery (or combination of surgery and non-surgical options) will suit your goals best, phone our offices today.

2.  Make Sure Facelift Surgery is Really What You Want!

  • The results of receiving a facelift can range in terms of facial rejuvenation potential. The result can depend on the individual and what they are starting with before their facelift surgery.
  • However, you do need to make sure you are going to adjust to the changes that come with the procedure.
  • Prior to surgery, you will sit with your plastic surgeon who will go through your wants and needs. It’s also important to note that your surgeon will not perform the procedure until you are happy with the surgical plan.

3.  Know What’s Available in Terms of Facelift and Neck Rejuvenation

Options including “a Liquid Facelift” Using Cosmetic Injections and Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

  • Depending on both your desired facial changes and skin condition, there may be numerous options for you.
  • Combined skin rejuvenation treatments along with feature augmentation such as; facial skin “lifting” and eyelid lifting surgeries (eyelid reduction/Blepharoplasty) can get a holistically enhanced facial rejuvenation result.

The most advanced Facelift and Facial Rejuvenation procedures that Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Sackelariou, currently offers include:

SMAS Facelift:

  • This type of facelift lifts the layer of tissue under your skin.
  • It helps eliminate the appearance of drooping facial features such as sagging skin.

MACS facelift:

  • The MACS facelift is a technique that utilises small incisions.
  • It can improve the appearance of the jowls and also helps “tighten” sagging skin around the neck area by reducing excess skin and re-draping it.

Full facelift (Upper, mid-face and/or lower facelift techniques) or combined procedures including eyelid surgery:

  • Multiple face lifting surgery procedures may be required to address more significant concerns about facial ageing rather than just the lower face or jawline.
  • A full facelift or mid-face and upper-face lift, brow lift and/or eyelid lift can help rejuvenate more extensive regions of your face.

 4.  Prepare For a Facelift – Be Healthy and Look After Your Skin, Nutrition and Sleeping Habits

  • Maintaining a good skincare regime, healthy nutrition and regular exercise prior to your Facelift surgery is imperative to getting optimal results.
  • Of course, the healthier you are, and the better your skin, the better your facelift experience and the more positive your result is going to be.

If you work with a highly respected Plastic Surgeon, like Dr Richard Sackelariou, they will provide you with a helpful BEFORE SURGERY checklist. This is to help you prepare for your facelift procedure so you can optimise both your healing and results.

Follow this checklist as he recommends, as it will assist you with facelift recovery and help ensure your facial rejuvenation results will be longer-lasting, as well as reducing your risks of post-operative complications.

However, it’s still important to ask about the risks. It’s important that you educate yourself on them and how you will manage and reduce them if they occur. This is another reason you should choose a highly trusted Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is FRACS.

5.  After Your Facelift: Specialist Plastic Surgeon Recommendations for Healing

  • There will be many precautions and measures to take following your facelift or neck lift operation.
  • You’ll need to be prepared to sleep elevated on several pillows (usually 2) for a few weeks after surgery.
  • You’ll also need to follow other incision line healing protocols recommended by Dr Richard Sackelariou.
  • One of the main things to ensure is that you get plenty, hydration and nutrition are also vital.
  • You will be required to take time off work as you will be sore and bandaged, resting helps your body to recover at a faster rate so ensure you prepare for this.

Dr Richard Sackelariou offers advanced techniques for facial, neckline, jawline, lip and eyelid rejuvenation including natural-looking facelift procedures.  During your consultation, he will work to help you learn more about the facelift surgery and recovery processes as well as give you his professional opinion of what he believes will best suit your facial rejuvenation needs before any procedure takes place.

A facial consultation is an excellent way to continue your Facelift Procedure research and find out what your facial rejuvenation options are.


About Dr Richard Sackelariou Plastic Surgeon

Dr Richard Sackelariou MBBS FRACS(Plas) is a Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive  Surgeon in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, Australia.

Dr Sackelariou is a highly sought-after Plastic Surgeon for precision procedures like nose reshaping, tummy tucks, breast surgery including transaxillary incision methods, implant removal/replacement and Breast Lift procedures.

He is particularly known for his signature surgeries – neck lift, facelift and eyelid rejuvenation procedures. He also performs expert cosmetic injections for facial rejuvenation.

Patients love his caring manner, his dedication to excellence and his extensive expertise in surgical planning for a natural-looking, harmonious result.

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