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Is Eyelid Lift Surgery Really Necessary When You have Saggy Eyelids?

Sometimes, facial cosmetic injections can remedy a bit of ptosis for a temporary period of time. Alternatively, depending on your facial anatomy, a surgeon may suggest a brow lift or combined brow lift/eyelid lift surgery. Not all eyelid surgery is cosmetic. In fact, it’s common for, eyelid lift procedures to be medically warranted due to either field of vision impairments or functional concerns caused by ptotic skin around the eyes.

While some individuals undergo surgery of the eyelid area for purely cosmetic reasons (which may be done at any age), for others, eyelid ptosis or functionality concerns due to ageing skin may leave the field of vision and/or blinking functions disturbed. For these individuals, a corrective Blepharoplasty for vision impairment caused by eyelid area ptosis is a medically-required procedure rather than cosmetic.

Whatever your eyelid concern, Dr Richard Sackelariou is highly experienced at expert eyelid surgery to improve your eyelid appearance. He is able to refresh your looks or correct eyelid function issues related to ageing, sagging eyelid skin or under-eye bags (fat bulges beneath your eyes).

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Five questions to ask yourself 

Five questions to ask yourself about your ageing eyelids to see if it might be time to have the Blepharoplasty procedure.

  • Do you hate how tired or worn out you look around the eyes?
  • Are your eyelashes still beautifully visible or are they partially buried under, or hidden by sagging eyelid skin?
  • Do you struggle at times with RAISING your brows a bit high, just to see better, or to see peripherally?
  • Are your eyelids reflecting your biological age or worse yet, far OLDER than you actually are? This can be due to your time spent in the sun or other genetic and environmental factors. 
  • Would you like to look fresher and younger around your eyes, with just a few weeks of recovery time and minimal scars?

Explore your Blepharoplasty Surgery options by phoning us for a consultation in Melbourne or Sydney, with Dr Richard Sackelariou. He is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has expertise in a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures including; cosmetic injections, eyelid lift procedures (lower eyelids and upper eyelids), facelifts, lip lifts, cheek and chin augmentation, and more.

He’s also an expert in Breast Surgery and Tummy Tuck/Body Contouring procedures including male breast reduction and breast lifts for women with advanced ptosis of the breasts (sagging breast tissues).

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Common Eyelid Lift Surgery Questions

Why are eyelids the first to show ageing?

  • Let’s face it the skin over your eyelids gets a LOT of use over the course of your lifetime.
  • Moreover, the eyelid skin is thinner than the skin on other areas of your body and face.
  • Like all parts of the body as your skin ages, it begins to ‘wear out’ or deteriorate in terms of muscle strength and collagen/resiliency, as well as functional capacity.
  • From blinking to squinting to other dynamic facial expressions, you are using the muscles around and under your EYES hundreds of times a day. 
  • In fact, most of us probably never pause to think about the effects this has on our muscles and eyelid skin, over time. But one day we will look in the mirror and see the reflection of our parents or grandparents staring back at us. 

So eyelid skin is more vulnerable to early signs of ageing, not only because of repeat use, but also its thinness and genetic tendencies. 

Signs it’s time to check into your eyelid surgery options.

  • Eventually, after decades of use, our eyelids will start to show our age.
  • Sometimes it seems sudden, but it’s typically building up over time, we just don’t notice it. Especially if the upper lids obscure our iris area. Some people may even have difficulty seeing properly until after an eyelid lift.
  • Our eyelids and eyes can look worse when we’re tired, dehydrated, stressed, sleep-deprived or recovering after a big night of birthday celebrations.
  • Furthermore, if the lower lid or upper lid functionality becomes compromised due to; ageing factors, your blinking functions, tear ducts, eyelid closing/facial expressions and other eyelid functionality they may become altered in a less-than-attractive way.
  • It’s even possible that the lashes are fully obscured by your lids or digging into your eyes instead of pointing outwards due to changes in your lower or upper eyelids.

How long is the procedure in theatre and how long is recovery from eyelid surgery?

  • The procedure can take about 1.5-2 hours for most patients, longer if both upper and lower lids are being operated on.
  • Dr Sackelariou operates in accredited private hospitals and in he’s available by appointment only and is a facial rejuvenation and eyelid surgery expert Plastic Surgeon with FRACS and ASPS membership and internationally advanced experience and training.
  • He dedicates his practice to precision procedures with natural-looking results.
  • Because eyelid surgery is so complex, it’s best to trust an experienced Surgeon rather than a less-experienced Surgeon. If they get it wrong, you may end up with eyelids that won’t function properly (not closing). You may also end up with eyelid hallows (which look unappealing).
  • Find out what Dr Sackelariou does differently from other surgeons. You can visit him for a consultation and ask any and all questions you have about helping rejuvenate your eyelid area or repair a functionality concern involving ptosis of the lower or upper lids (eyelid surgery).

Phone us today for a consultation. A consult will help you understand what’s involved in eyelid reduction or eyelid lift surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty or Lower Blepharoplasty or corrective surgery for eyelid conditions such as Entropion or Ectropion).

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Dr Richard Sackelariou MBBS FRACS(Plas) is a Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive  Surgeon in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, Australia.

Dr Sackelariou is a highly sought-after Plastic Surgeon for precision procedures like nose reshaping, tummy tucks, breast surgery including transaxillary incision methods, implant removal/replacement and Breast Lift procedures.

His signature surgeries include – neck lift, facelift and eyelid rejuvenation procedures. He also performs expert cosmetic injections for facial rejuvenation.

Patients love his caring manner, his dedication to excellence and his extensive expertise in surgical planning for a natural-looking, harmonious result.

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