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Breast Surgery

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About Breast Surgery and Enhancements

Often women define their femininity by how they feel about their breasts. While ideally, all women would feel comfortable in the bodies they were born in, this is unfortunately not the case for many. Some are simply too uncomfortable with their breast size, shape or position and this can lead to feelings of depression and a poor self-image. Whether it is breast reduction, enhancement, lift or nipple repositioning, achieving the right look for you and your body can do amazing things for your confidence.

There are many, many reasons for women – and men – to consider breast surgery

These include:
Sagging breasts
Large breasts
Small breasts
Male breast reduction needs

Modern advances in plastic surgery mean we now have more options for women to get the look they want and desire – these include options on implant size, shape, position, texture and even where incisions are made. Dr. Sackelariou’s expert advice will ensure you make the best and most informed decision when it comes to your breast surgery.

What are your Best Options?

Thanks to modern advancements there were so many options available now for you to get the look, size and shape you want for your breasts. Small-breasted women can have Breast Augmentation surgery with a wide variety of implants. Implants come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and fillers to get the very best look for your body. We now also have multiple choices for implant placement and incisions to minimise scarring.

Women with larger breasts and men with Male Breast issues can have Breast Reduction surgery to reduce the size and weight of their breast tissue. This helps combat the painful back and neck conditions caused by heavy breasts as well as avoid social stigma and harassment.

Sagging breasts, from age or childbirth, can be corrected with Breast Lifts and Breast Enhancements to recreate a perky, youthful look.

Above all, Dr Sackelariou strives for a beautiful, natural look for all his patients to ensure they are the most comfortable they can be within their own bodies.

Choosing your Surgeon

The risks of surgery should never be taken lightly, especially with plastic surgery. Never go for cheap, overseas options otherwise you might be facing expensive reconstructive surgery. You should always opt for a highly-experience, well-trained doctor like Dr Sackelariou. Expert plastic surgeons like Dr Sackelariou will help you make the right choice for your body and reduce any stress involved with your treatment options or surgery decisions. Patient safety and comfort is his top priority, and as such Dr Sackelariou employs only the best and most highly trained support staff, surgical nurses and anaesthetists.

You will always be in safe hands when choosing an accredited, experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

What next?

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Once you have considered the procedure or procedures you would like more information about, feel free to contact us for a consultation. A consultation with our experienced surgeon will ensure you have realistic expectations for the outcome or look that you desire. Dr Sackelariou operates out of safe, accredited and qualified rooms, unlike cheaper, “backroom” or “tourist surgery” doctors who can do you irreparable harm. Our surgeon and staff will make you feel comfortable and at ease about your choices, and they will be with you every step of the way on your surgical journey.

You are always welcome to bring a friend to your consultation to help you with this very important decision.

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