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As time passes, breasts begin to sag and become droopy in appearance. This can significantly affect the aesthetics of the breast and your self-image, resulting in reduced confidence and self-worth. Moreover, the size of the breasts may appear altered as well, and while there are two different procedures that can help solve both of these problems for you, you can now undergo them both simultaneously. The procedures in question are mastopexy and breast augmentation, respectively. 

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What is Breast Lift with Implants Procedure?

A breast lift with implants procedure, also known as mastopexy with breast augmentation procedure, is the combination of two procedures that are focused on improving the aesthetics of the breast and give you younger-looking and perkier breasts. A breast lift procedure is focused on removing excess skin from saggy breasts that may have developed as a result of significant weight loss or multiple pregnancies. During this procedure, depending on the extent of droopiness of the breasts, your surgeon might also recommend repositioning of the nipple. 

A breast augmentation procedure, on the other hand, includes the placement of a breast implant in the breast cavity, to increase the volume of the breast that might have been lost. It can also be performed with the purpose of increasing the breast size if you are not happy with the natural size of your breasts. 

Often after significant weight loss or multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding, the breasts will lose their volume and begin to droop. The breasts will lose their original shape and size, which often pushes women towards the mastopexy procedure and breast augmentation procedure. These procedures can be performed together and the net result of the procedure is perkier and fuller breasts. 

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What are the benefits of the Breast Lift with Implants Procedure?

A breast lift with implants procedure has several other benefits, however, the main benefit of this combination procedure is the reduced recovery time. If you choose to undergo these procedures separately, you will have to undergo the recovery period twice which increases the risk of complications if you aren’t as careful as you should be during that period. Moreover, there is a reduced risk of anesthesia-related side effects as you will only be exposed to anesthesia once, rather than twice if you undergo this combination procedure. 

A breast lift with implants procedure is also associated with lower costs than undergoing both procedures on their own as the hospital stay, surgeon’s fee, and anesthesia fee will only be applied once as both procedures are happening together and that is technically considered to be a single procedure. The overall cost may be higher than undergoing only one of the procedures but the total cost of the procedure is way less when compared to the original costs. 

Keeping in mind the cost-effectiveness of the combined procedures, a reduced recovery time is associated with lesser days off from work, which only adds to the reduced cost-benefit of the procedures. Moreover, the physical improvement in the appearance of the breasts is another procedure that makes the combination procedure very popular. This improvement in aesthetics also helps improve your self-worth and image which can give you the confidence boost you deserve. 

There are many benefits of the breast lift with implant procedure, ranging from economic to health, physical to mental. All of these benefits can be credited for the recent popularity of the procedure. Book a consultation today to find out if you are a good fit for this procedure.

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What to Expect During the Breast Lift with Implants Procedure

Your breast lift with implants procedure journey begins during the consultation period during which your surgeon is trying to assess if you are eligible for the procedure. Based on the condition of your breasts, your surgeon may either recommend that you only undergo one of the procedures or undergo both simultaneously. Moreover, the surgeon will also assess your health to make sure that you can handle the effects of longer anesthesia. Generally, it is not a problem to be put under anesthesia for as long as the procedure is taking place, but if you suffer from certain medical conditions or take certain medications, you may be at higher risks of developing side effects associated with anesthesia use. This is why your surgeon may recommend that you not undergo this procedure. 

Once you have been assessed and given the green light for this procedure, the preparation step for your procedure begins. Before moving on to the next step, you should use the consultation period to discuss your expectations and goals from the procedure with your surgeon. This will allow the surgeon to achieve those results for you. You should also discuss any potential side effects and complications of the procedure to be able to make an informed decision about the procedure. 

After the prep for the procedure has been done, you can undergo the procedure. You will undergo the procedure as an outpatient procedure with either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. Your surgeon will place an implant of your choosing, remove excess skin, reposition the nipple if needed, and suture the incisions. The scars for the procedure are going to be hidden in the natural contours of your breast to make them less visible. 

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Recovery after Breast Lift with Implants Procedure

The breast lift with implants procedure is followed by approximately 4 weeks to 6 weeks of the recovery period, the first of which is going to be marked by significant swelling, bruising, discomfort, and mild pain. Your surgeon will prescribe pain management medications to help you with the discomfort of the first week. You should spend this week resting and relaxing, refraining from even the light forms of exercise. 

From week two onwards, till week three or four, you can participate in light exercises which means that you can take a light walk across your room. You should still try to avoid putting any pressure on your incisions but you can walk about a bit. Once your body begins to heal, you can begin to perform your daily activities and start exercising, which is around four weeks onwards. The main point here as well as to avoid any pressure on the incisions as it can result in wound separation or infections. 

During the entire recovery period, you should wear a compression bra so as to avoid the collection of fluid or blood in the breast cavity. You should also refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol to reduce the risk of infections. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift with Implants?

An ideal candidate for the breast lift with implants procedure should meet the following requirements:

  • Presence of saggy breasts
  • Loss of breast volume
  • At their ideal and stable weight
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • A non-smoker
  • Aware of the potential risks and complications of the procedure
  • Not at risk for any complications due to the long duration of anesthesia
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Risks and Complications of Breast Lift with Implants

A breast lift with implants procedure is a surgical procedure that has certain side effects and complications associated with it. Some of the most common side effects of the procedure include:

  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Excessive bruising and swelling
  • Blood collection or hematoma
  • Fluid accumulation or seroma
  • Infection 
  • Fever with pus discharge at the site of surgery
  • Bleeding
  • Wound separation
  • Loss of sensation

Why Choose Dr Richard Sackelariou?

Dr Richard Sackelariou is a renowned plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He is highly skilled and has worked in England, Paris, and Sydney, learning and improving his techniques as he went along. Dr Sackelariou specialises in face, nose, breast and body surgery for women and men.

Recommendation: Choose a FRACS recognised Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has expertise in your chosen procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a breast lift and implants together?

Yes, a breast lift or mastopexy can be performed together with a breast augmentation procedure, to help improve the aesthetics of the breast with a significantly reduced recovery period. 

How long does breast lift with implants last?

Since both procedures are being performed together, the results are going to last for as long as the results of the procedures last, on their own. A breast lift procedure, in general, can last for up to a decade or even more. The results of the procedure will persist for 10 years to 15 years given that you do not gain or lose a significant amount of weight as that can alter the results of the procedure. Similarly, a breast implant can stay for 10 years to 15 years before it should be changed or removed permanently. The expiry date for the device may differ from person to person. 

How painful are breast lifts and augmentation?

A breast lift and augmentation procedure, when performed together, are associated with a reduced recovery period. However, there may be higher swelling and discomfort levels after the procedures. This is not of concern as it is easily manageable using over-the-counter painkillers. 

What happens to breast implants when you’re old?

Your breast implants will remain exactly the same as you age but they will cause your breasts to sag ever so slightly. This saggy effect of the implants with age would happen even with natural breasts and is not a feature unique to the breast implants. It is important to note that the lack of change in breast implants is not always a positive thing as the rest of the body will go through changes. This means that you will need to undergo procedures for the implants to fit more naturally with your aged body. 

Can sagging breast be firm again?

Sagging breasts can be firm again as a result of a mastopexy and breast augmentation procedure. The mastopexy will reduce the excess skin of the breast and the use of breast implants will give the breast the natural texture and appearance, like before. 

Will insurance cover a breast lift with implants?

A breast lift and breast augmentation procedure are both cosmetic and elective procedures that are not deemed to be necessary or have any health benefits. These descriptions of the procedures are more than enough to disqualify them from insurance programs. Breast implants may be covered by your insurance provider only if you have undergone a mastectomy as a result of breast cancer. A breast lift may be covered if the drooping of breasts has caused skin irritation, and infections making the procedure medically necessary. However, there should be a doctor’s report signing off on the necessity of the procedure for your insurance providers to consider funding or reimbursing your procedure. 

When do you need a lift with breast implants?

You can find out if you need a breast lift along with your breast augmentation procedure during the consultation with your plastic surgeon. In most cases, you will be recommended for a breast lift procedure if most of your breast weight is falling under the nipple, causing it to lose its central position, and in some instances, point downward. 

Is a breast lift cheaper than augmentation?

Contrary to popular belief, a breast lift is actually more expensive than a breast augmentation procedure with a general difference of $1000 between the prices of both procedures. 

How do you fix saggy breasts after weight loss?

Saggy breasts after a weight loss can be a physical and mental burden that can be easily treated using a breast lift. During this procedure, excess skin from the breast will be removed and, if the drooping of the breast is excessive, nipple repositioning might also be performed. The main requirement for this procedure, apart from the presence of saggy breasts, is that you must be at your ideal weight so that there is no further weight loss or increase after the breast lift procedure. 

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