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Breast Reduction Surgery in Melbourne or Sydney

Breast Reduction Surgery or ‘Boob Reduction’ is a life-changing experience for many patients who are tired of the physical and social discomforts involved with heavy, pendulous or large breast volume.

Dr Richard Sackelariou is a top Breast Reduction Surgeon for Reduction Mammoplasty procedures. He offers patients well-balanced, natural-looking and uplifted post-surgery results.

Breast Reduction Surgery helps you gain shapely and uplifted breasts that are LESS heavy than they currently are.

  • The ultimate size choice AFTER surgery is up to you, but your breast and nipples will be in a more uplifted position after your procedure.
  • Nipples can also be adapted in size, shape and position relative to the breast mound.
  • Excess breast weight will be reduced. Your breasts will be ‘balanced and shaped’  so that they are both centrally located and more rounded (versus pendulous) on your chest wall/breast area.

Breast Reduction and Changes in Cup Size

What size should you consider when you’re having your breasts reduced through surgery?

Dr Sackelariou can help you understand your options in size changes after a breast reduction procedure.  To help you choose which range of smaller breast size(s) will suit you best after a breast reduction procedure, he will ask you about your; lifestyle, exercise habits and breast-size preferences during your initial consultation.

The main thing is that, after a Reduction Mammoplasty, you’ll likely find you will be able to move more freely and more comfortably wear different types of; clothing, swimwear, gym wear/sportswear and bras.

You may discover what you wear changes. You may gravitate to more form-fitting clothing or more colourful patterns. Whereas before you may have been disguising the size of your breasts by wearing baggy clothing or solid, darker colours. Some patients even admit to wearing binding garments regularly before having a breast reduction procedure.

Every patient is unique – and size is a matter of personal choice.

While every woman has different ideas on the post-operation bra cup or breast size following a Breast Reduction procedure, many women choose to reduce their breasts to between a C cup to a D cup. However, this depends on what they’re starting with and what they’re wanting in terms of post-surgery cup size results.


Breast Reduction Surgery may qualify for Medicare

Sometimes Breast Reduction is a cosmetic only procedure, but for many women, it’s a corrective procedure. As a result it may qualify for a medicare rebate.

Surgery can help reduce pain or skin chaffing, improve your posture, and make it easier to find a comfortable bra.  Furthermore, going to the gym, swimming/surfing and even lifting children can be more comfortable with a more moderate chest area vs having large, heavy, drooping breasts.

Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery

Life isn’t easy for many women struggling to live with pendulous, large and very heavy breasts. Firstly, there’s finding comfortable clothing that looks good. Secondly, it can be socially awkward when others make insensitive comments. And finally, there are physical and postural impacts of having large breasts, such as suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain or back pain.

With large breast volume, it can be challenging to:

  • Stand up straight without neck pain
  • Exercise freely (running, gym classes, boxing, Body Balance or Yoga)
  • Lift young children or grandchildren
  • Find bras that fit or offer adequate support and still look attractive
  • Find clothing or swimwear that doesn’t emphasise the volume of the chest area
  • Deal with bra-strap dig-ins to the skin in the shoulder/bra strap area
  • Manage back, neck or shoulder pain resulting from having very large or very heavy breasts

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Reduction of the breasts is an extremely popular surgery because it provides freedom of movement and helps reduce;

  • Physical pain (neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain)
  • Social discomfort
  • And clothing limitations of having very large breasts.

To arrange a consultation in Melbourne or Sydney with an expert Surgeon who performs well-balanced, natural-looking Breast Reduction procedures. Phone or email us today to arrange a consultation and assessment with Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Sackelariou.

It’s very helpful to ask for a GP referral before you come, especially if you are suffering from a physical condition caused by large, heavy breasts or breast ptosis.

What is a Breast Reduction surgery procedure?

  • It is a surgical procedure involving the reduction of the size AND weight of overly large breasts; along with surgical repositioning and reshaping of the nipple and breast mound.
  • It involves a Breast Lift along with the Reduction (all Reductions include a breast and nipple lift).
  • Breast Reduction surgery removes excess tissues including excess breast fat, redundant glandular tissue and drooping, sagging redundant breast skin to achieve a breast SIZE, SHAPE and POSITION that is more proportionate and balanced to a patient’s body.

Does a Breast Reduction improve your health?

  • Some women have better health and a better quality of life having a breast reduction.
  • It can improve health by providing FREEDOM and ABILITY to exercise more regularly
  • It can also reduce back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, skin chafing or skin infection problems caused by skin-on-skin under the breasts (or excess sweating under or around the breasts).
  • The procedure can also alleviate social discomforts experienced by some women who have fuller, heavy breast volumes.
  • It can often be life-changing surgery for women who have experienced restriction to their movement, social discomfort and physical pain throughout their lives because of the size of their breasts.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction may include:

  • Experiencing less frequent back pain/shoulder pain or neck pain
  • Petter posture/less slumping (better balance during sports or yoga may also occur for some women)
  • The freedom to wear different types of clothing and bras, lingerie or swimwear
  • An ability to sleep, walk/run, dance and exercise more comfortably
  • Feeling lighter and/or less encumbered

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As a bonus, for some patients (but not all), a Breast Reduction can leave you feeling more body-confident and less self-conscious in social situations. This can include when you’re undressing or undressed, including being intimate.

Breast Reduction Surgery may help you to:

  • Reduce the volume and the weight of your breasts.
  • Shape the breasts more harmoniously/roundly and more uplifted on the chest wall.
  • Reposition and/or resize your nipples to a more central location proportional to the new breast size.
  • Even up asymmetry (differences between the right breast and the left breast) if breasts are uneven.
  • Provide relief from skin infections, chaffing or bra-straps digging in.
  • Reduce shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain.
  • Reduce social discomforts.

Breast Reduction Surgery is a complex Surgery


Only trust an experienced, qualified Plastic Surgeon to perform this procedure. Avoid less trained doctors who do NOT have a FRACS qualification/recognition as being a Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Dr Sackelariou goes above and beyond a traditional Breast Reduction to help get you an overall improvement in your upper body curves. By reducing excess breast skin, breast tissues and volume/weight, and uplifting the breasts and nipples to attain an aesthetically balanced, physique-compatible breast size and shape, you’ll discover the breast shape and cup volume size that you’ve been desiring for many years.

Choosing the BEST Breast Reduction Surgery Option for You

  • There are several surgery options and incision approaches to surgery, including; the Le Jour or ‘Lollipop’ Incision and the Anchor Incision methods.
  • Dr Sackelariou often uses advanced Le Jour techniques for surgery, taking great care to minimise your post-surgery scars when possible and help protect the function of the nipple (Areola).
  • But all surgery has risks and potential complications, so be sure you read the materials given to you before proceeding.
  • There is never an obligation to proceed with surgery after a consultation, but it’s a great way to start your Plastic Surgery process.

Further Reading – Medical References

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About Dr Richard Sackelariou Plastic Surgeon

Dr Richard Sackelariou MBBS FRACS(Plas) is a Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive  Surgeon in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, Australia.

Dr Sackelariou is a highly sought-after Plastic Surgeon for precision procedures like nose reshaping, tummy tucks, breast surgery including transaxillary incision methods, implant removal/replacement and Breast Lift procedures.

He is particularly known for his signature surgeries – neck lift, facelift and eyelid rejuvenation procedures. He also performs expert cosmetic injections for facial rejuvenation.

Patients love his caring manner, his dedication to excellence and his extensive expertise in surgical planning for a natural-looking, harmonious result.

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