Tuberous Breast Surgery in Sydney and Melbourne

What are Tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous or Tubular Breasts are a  congenital abnormality, that results in breasts that can either look elongated in shape, droopy or have very large nipples/ larger than normal areola. Furthermore, it can affect both men and women and can affect one or both breasts. Typically they are characterised by small, unevenly developed breasts often in a triangular or tubular shape with puffy nipples that can point downward or inward. From the side, they appear narrow. Tuberous breasts tend to be smaller than average and have a wide space between them. They often come with other complications such as asymmetry.

Most importantly, from a medical standpoint, tuberous breasts have a flattened connection to the chest wall. Where a normal breast joins the chest wall with an almost round or circular base, in tuberous breasts the breast is flattened against the chest wall in what is called a constricted base.

If you feel your breasts look underdeveloped or there is a marked difference in their appearance from other breasts, you may suffer from tuberous breasts. While tubular breasts are considered a rarity they can be operated on safely by our expert surgeon.

Do you have conical-shaped pointy breasts, puffy nipples or underdeveloped breasts? You may have a condition called tuberous breasts or tubular breasts.

Tuberous Breast Surgery can help correct this congenital breast defect. You may be eligible for cover by Medicare and your private health fund.

Dr Richard Sackelariou is a Plastic surgeon in Melbourne and Sydney and is an expert on tuberous breast surgery.


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The decision to correct tuberous breasts may seem like an easy one. But for many women, it can be extremely difficult. You may be hesitant to make the decision to undergo surgery, especially with anti-plastic surgery sentiments dictating that we should learn to accept our bodies as they are no matter what.

While you should ultimately be happy and confident about your appearance; for many women, tuberous breasts are a physical, emotional and psychological concern. Not only can they cause distress and embarrassment but they can also affect your desire to be intimate with your partner. As such, deciding to treat tuberous breasts is an extremely personal decision that only you can make.

What Are Tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous breasts, tubular breasts, “Snoopy breasts” or tuberous breast deformity (TBD) occurs in puberty. For reasons still unknown to doctors, the breasts simply don’t develop properly. The name comes from the fact that your breasts are narrow like a tube, the base of the breast is smaller than normal which constricts the breast tissue. This can also result in large, puffy nipples.

Many women feel embarrassed during puberty, which results in them hiding their concerns from friends and family. As a result, women keep their issues with tuberous breasts secret well into their 20s and 30s. Sometimes not even knowing that there is a medical reason for why their breasts look so different. Using clothing and padded bras, they manage to conceal their breasts as much as possible.

This constant need to hide what many consider a deformity, can cause psychological damage. The important thing to know is that you are not alone. You are not the only one with this issue and it is treatable.

Tuberous breasts are serious enough to affect both confidence and self-esteem. You may go to extreme lengths to hide your issue from your partner or you may avoid intimacy and dating altogether. This can cause many emotional and psychological problems.

How Do You Treat Tuberous Breasts?

Treatment of tuberous breasts is surgical and can be complex. The procedure depends on the severity of the deformity, the size of the breast and the outcome you desire. Surgeons generally treat the base of the breast with an implant or fat transfer to create fullness.

Your surgeon can also do a breast lift to fix the pointed, drooping shape of the breast. Nipple reshaping can fix puffy areolas. In the cases where the tuberous breast isn’t overly severe, you may only need a breast lift and reshaping of the nipple. Surgery is the only option if you want to relieve the constriction of the breast and expand the muscle and existing breast tissue.

Surgery can not only fix the look of your breasts but also your personal outlook. Many women report feeling more confident and happy. After surgery women are often more interested in being healthy and working out.

Some women even mention a decrease in anxiety and depression, especially when focused on their body image.

So Why is There a Debate about Tuberous Breast Surgery?

Plastic surgery is always the subject of passionate discussion. On one side you have women who find tuberous breasts embarrassing and want nothing more than to feel “normal”. While on the other, you have women who are of the opinion that you should accept yourself as you are.

Those against surgery for tuberous breasts are generally fuelled by the terms used to discuss the condition. Many find it confronting to have their bodies described as deformed and in need of correction. And certainly, that is a valid argument. If you are happy with your breasts and the way your body looks, then that’s fantastic. However, it is equally valid to desire change, especially in severe cases.

If you suffer from tuberous breasts you can endure great pain and damaging self-esteem issues, it can also impact your social and dating life. It’s common for women suffering from this condition to refuse to remove their bra when intimate. Some even describe tuberous breasts as “self-esteem shattering”.

With so many opinions on the matter of surgery, you may feel angry or sad at the idea of wanting to change your body. You may yo-yo between excitement for your life-changing surgery and fear of judgement for wanting/choosing to undergo surgery. Any plastic surgery is an emotional rollercoaster. Even those having life-changing surgeries may question themselves at some point during pre-and postoperative periods.

Surgery Options for Tuberous Breasts

If the time comes that you decide to undergo surgery to correct your Tuberous Breast you will have multiple options. However, you must remember that most surgical options will involve some kind of glandular or breast tissue remodelling. If the nipple is NOT at a natural angle or position, you may require a Breast Lift to correct your breasts. Sometimes the areola is quite large, this can be reduced as part of other procedures or alone if no other procedures are required.

p>If the breast itself has not fully developed then a Breast Augmentation or Enlargement, using implants, may be required. This can be done at the same time as your glandular remodelling and a Breast Lift, if necessary. It is not uncommon for different surgeries to be carried out on each breast as tuberous breasts are quite often different on each side.

Why Choose a Specialist Plastic Surgeon?

It is important to approach a fully qualified surgeon, like Dr Sackelariou, when it comes to undergoing a procedure like this. All too often more inexperienced doctors will simply place the implant within the breast as you would for a normal breast augmentation. This results in a tuberous breast sitting on top of an implant – which is NOT a satisfactory or natural result for the patient

The aim of all tuberous breast surgeries performed by Dr Sackelariou is to ensure patients recover with a chest that looks natural, symmetrical and with minimal scarring.

Be Confident!

If you feel surgery is right for you, don’t be afraid to take the plunge. All surgeries and all changes to the body are extremely personal. This is your decision alone.

Don’t let anyone else make the decision for you. Some people may already have a fantastic, healthy body image. But for some of us, we require a little help to be happy with our bodies. And there is no shame in that, especially for conditions like tuberous breasts.

Tuberous breast surgery is a complex procedure and requires the expertise and care of a highly experienced surgeon. Dr Richard Sackelariou has years of experience helping women with tuberous breasts gain a more natural look.

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