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A Brow lift can significantly brighten an aging face, restoring much of its youthfulness. Our eyes are the most expressive part of our body and a sagging brow can serious detract from their beauty. Over time, age and gravity causes your brow to sag and droop. Further, aging causes your face to look tired or angry, and even obstructs your vision. Browlift surgery is often done along with Eyelid Lift surgery to further improve their new, youthful features.

Old vs Now Browlift Surgery

Old open Browlift surgery left patients with long scars. These sit across their forehead near the hairline or over the top of their head. Consequently, many patients avoid browlift surgery due to this dramatic scarring.
However, modern surgical techniques introduce endoscopic – or keyhole – surgery. Small incisions and telescopy allows plastic surgeons to perform browlifts and facelifts with little scarring of the face. Keyhole surgery means reduction in surgery time and recovery time, as well as no post-operative pain.
Through small keyhole incisions behind the forehead hairline, a small telescope is used to guide the surgeon. The surgeon lifts the tissues of the forehead and brow. This causes the muscles responsible for forehead lines and wrinkles to weaken, causing these lines to smooth or disappear.

Endoscopic Brow lift

Dr Sackelariou performs Endoscopic Browlift as a day stay procedure under general anaesthesia or twilight sedation. This form of treatment combines with a Facelift and/or Eyelid Lift.

Who can Benefit from a Browlift

As we age, the forehead, brows and lower facial tissues begin to sag and frown lines start to appear. All these factors can create a heavy and tired look to your forehead and upper eyelids. The aim of a Browlift is to lift the brow and forehead tissues as well as smooth frown lines. As a result, a Browlift can give you a brighter, young look to your forehead and eyes.

What do You Want from Your Brow lift Procedure?

Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Injectables can improve fine lines, but as the brow becomes more pronounced, surgery is required. Browlift surgery will help you regain a youthful, vibrant appearance.

Improved Vision

Along with drooping eyelids, drooping brows can seriously impact your vision. Combined Eyelid and Browlift Surgery not only returns your youthful appearance, it will also improve vision that was previously obscured by sagging brows and eyelids.


As a result of aging facial features, many feel uncomfortable in their own bodies.
Many patients complain that they lack confidence. Modern keyhole surgery, as performed by Dr. Sackelariou, can return rejuvenate your natural features. You will find yourself happier and more confident in yourself and your appearance.

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