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Facial Implants in Melbourne or Sydney

Facial Implants are a popular cosmetic procedure with people who are looking to add more definition and character to their face particularly around the nose, chin and jaw.

Dr Richard Sackelariou is a leading facial plastic surgeon for Facial Implants in Melbourne and Sydney helping patients seeking a more confident, enhanced looking face. With over 20 years experience, he is a calm, caring and precise surgeon.

Generally, older patients combine Facial Implants with another facial surgery. For example: a chin implant can enhance the look of a Facelift or Rhinoplasty by strengthening the definition of your jawline.

Cheek implants may add definition to the upper face in combination with a Browlift or Eyelid Surgery. Did you know nearly any part of your face can be cosmetically enhanced by Facial Implants?

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Who can Benefit from Facial Implants?

Weak Chin

Patients suffering from small, or weak, chins often feel their faces are unbalanced. Chin implants can create a stronger jawline in both men and women.

Nose Deformities

Whether from a small sports accident, a traumatic incident or natural deformities, nasal implants can correct your bumpy, wonky or crooked nose.

Cheekbone Enhancement

Those with a rounder face may find cheek implants useful in creating a higher cheekbone and better accentuating the cheeks and eyes, giving your face better strength of character.

Our Facial Implants

We offer three types of facial implants:


We can augment your chin with Medpor implants. Dr Richard Sackelariou and his team almost exclusively use Medpor implants for chins because they firmly fix to the underlying bone and make the implant virtually indistinguishable from your own bone. Chin implants are popular with men who want to achieve a stronger, more masculine look. While women often choose this type of treatment to balance out their facial features. We can also reshape your chin to make it smaller or larger by reshaping the bone.


To improve height and definition of the nasal bridge we can use nasal implants, because these implants can provide height to a nose that looks flat or sunken. We have found this procedure to be popular with Oriental patients who are looking to correct the flatness across the bridge or the nose or who want more definition in the main body of the nose.


Another popular Facial Implants procedure, cheek implants are placed over the cheekbone. More than other Facial Implants, cheek implants can produce either dramatic or subtle results, depending on the size of the implant. Many see high cheekbones as desirable and cheek implants can provide prominence and add strength and character to your face

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If you are considering facial cosmetic plastic surgery then Dr Richard Sackelariou is the specialist plastic surgeon for you.

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