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Ready for Eyelid Surgery? 5 Signs It’s Time For A Blepharoplasty

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Ready for Eyelid Surgery? 5 Signs It’s Time For A Blepharoplasty


Is the skin above your eyelashes or below your lower eyelids starting to look puffier, saggier or baggier with every passing year? Do you have the so-called “eye bags” or under eye shadows? Do you miss being able to apply eye-shadow to your upper eyelids? Do you feel it’s a waste of time to apply mascara to your eyelashes, because your lashes no longer appear visible, having become obscured by droopy eyelid skin?  If so, you may be questioning when it’ll be a good time to have eyelid surgery.

Blepharoplasty is one of the most frequently requested Plastic Surgery procedures around the world.

Men and women seek eyelid surgery before most other forms of facial rejuvenation. Sometimes it’s performed on its own, and other times it’s performed with other facial rejuvenation procedures, such as a facelift, necklift or brow procedure.

Eyelid surgery is far more frequently performed than facelift surgery, and may also be requested at an earlier age than other procedures. That’s because the eyes are the first area to show ageing, due to having thinner skin in that area and the frequent use of eyelids in dynamic facial expressions and blinking functions.

Eyelid Surgery is considered to be one of the most popular facial enhancing procedures other than cosmetic injections. Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers can also help refresh appearances or augment certain facial features.

The key reasons eyelid surgery is so frequently requested are:

  • the recovery and down time for eyelid surgery is not as lengthy as it is for a facelift (for most patients, although recovery can vary)
  • the cost is reasonable
  • the visual impact of fresher looking eyes, due to eyelid skin reduction, is significant yet subtle – in the hands of an expert eyelid surgeon, the results look very natural
  • patients may feel they look from a few years to up to 7 or more years younger than they did before their eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery can do two wonderful things when custom-planned and precisely performed:

  • refresh your looks
  • restore your range of vision obscured by sagging eyelids

There’s no perfect age to have an eyelid procedure performed.

Every patient who needs eyelid surgery has different needs and reasons for exploring surgery options.  And what makes it a good time to have eyelid surgery for one person might not meet the needs of another. As with all Plastic Surgery procedures, choosing your surgery timing is usually based on a combination of interactive factors, with age being merely one of them.

There’s also skin laxity, overall health considerations, healing capacity, degree of range of vision impairment from having lax or excess eyelid skin (skin folds or skin bulges), the importance of appearance to the individual, and the processes and costs involved with having surgery performed.

Schedule your personal, no-obligation consultation today by phoning my offices to discuss your eyelid surgery options including timing, risks, costs and whether or not you need your UPPER LIDS or your LOWER LIDS – or both – to get the results you’re wanting to achieve with surgery.


Most people who research eyelid surgery have sagging skin or under-eye shadows (especially in harsh lighting environments) due to skin laxity and eyelid muscle and fat changes that come with ageing.

Differences in patients, in addition to variability of their eye shapes, anatomy and potential results from eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), are wanting to know:

  • WHO to ask about your eyelid surgery options (Our Recommendation: choose a Genuine Plastic Surgeon with FRACS and be sure your Surgeon has best-practice patient care ethics)
  • WHEN you will benefit from eyelid surgery (Recommendation: when your concerns about your eyelids or eye area appearance reach a degree you’re willing to invest in a longer-term surgical solution AND/OR when you’re months in advance of a big event you want to look younger when attending)
  • WHAT you need to understand and accept in terms of surgery costs/appearance investments,  risks and recovery and healing times (Recommendation: read the materials given to you by your Plastic Surgeon about Blepharoplasty and do your online research; ask ALL questions you have about surgery including risks and recovery; talk with other patients who’ve had the surgery performed; and ask to see BEFORE & AFTER EYELID SURGERY photos during a consultation)
  • WHICH eyelid surgery procedures will get you the best appearance enhancement results (Recommendation: find out which options might suit your skin and surgery goals best during a one-one consultation – but you’re welcome to bring along a friends, spouse or other support person to your consultation as this can be helpful)
  • WHERE you want to have your surgery performed (Recommendation: have eyelid surgery performed in a clean, sterile environment by an AHPRA and FRACS recognised Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has extensive eyelid surgery experience and face surgery expertise)

As with any Plastic Surgery procedure, key factors for researching your Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Injection options include:

  • your overall health including skin health and skin laxity
  • your main appearance concerns
  • functionality compromises
  • Are sagging eyelids impacting your field of vision because they droop down over your iris and rest on your eyelashes?
  • Are your lower eyelids retracted or sagging below the eyes, making it difficult to shut your eyes fully?
  • Do your lower lashes point inwards?
  • Are your tear ducts and blinking functions okay?
  • time of life to have surgery
  • being able to take adequate time away from normal activities such as driving or reading
  • staying out of the sun as you heal
  • attending post-operation appointments
  • managing the recovery
  • cost considerations and the possibility of combining eyelid surgery with other facial rejuvenation such as cosmetic injections

Eyelid Surgery: Is a Blepharoplasty procedure nearby?

5 Signs An Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery may be nearby.

This information is general in nature; and does not constitute medical advice. Discuss your eyelid surgery options directly with your Plastic Surgeon. Phone our offices for an appointment with Dr Richard Sackelariou, an expert Plastic Surgeon who performs natural-looking eyelid surgery and facial rejuvenation procedures).

  1. If you have no visible eyelashes because your eyelid skin is droopy, that’s the first sign a Blepharoplasty surgery procedure is nearby in time.
  2. You look in the mirror and you feel as if one of your grandparents is staring back at you (or your ageing parent); you start to wonder when you started looking older than you wanted to.
  3. You constantly raise one or both brows in order to see better, meaning your eyelids have impeded on your iris and your vision. You may first notice this sign an eyelid surgery is nearby in time when you spot yourself raising your eyebrows in photographs or videos or have furrows above the outer part of your eyebrows.
  4. You have bulges of fat under your eyelids, or both above and under your eye area; they make your eyes look puffy or allergic, when it’s actually fat and muscle changes that lead to these bulges and shadows being formed around your eyes.
  5. Your eyelids aren’t functioning like they’re supposed to; and the reason is the excess skin or the location of the skin and eyelids has shifted.

Eyelid Surgery Consultation Recommendations & Pricing

Dark circles, eye bags and puffy eyelids may be signs that Eyelid Surgery (an upper or lower Blepharoplasty) is nearby; but before you take action, be sure you understand the many options you have for better-looking eyelids.

Read more about eyelid surgery here (Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty, also called an Eyelid Lift).

The best way to assess your suitability for eyelid surgery – and which eyelid surgery option is going to be right for your concerns – is to have a confidential consultation with Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Sackelariou.

Phone us today or send an enquiry form to arrange a consultation or ask any preliminary questions about eyelid surgery and other facial rejuvenation options such as facelift or neck lift surgery, nose surgery, chin augmentation or cosmetic injections.

Phone the office either in Sydney or Melbourne for an appointment today to assess your options for eyelid surgery.

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