chin implants surgery recommendations for men with receding chins or retracted chins or jawlines

Chin Implant Surgery Melbourne and Sydney for a more defined chin

Your chin significantly impacts your overall facial appearance.  A strong-looking chin and jawline can improve perceptions of attractiveness for both men and women. Whereas a weak-looking, recessed chin or receding jawline, tends to impede perceptions of upper and lower facial symmetry, this can readily detract from your appearance. If you relate to this then you may be suitable for a chin implant.

Dr Richard Sackelariou is a top facial plastic surgeon for Chin Implant surgery in Melbourne and Sydney. He helps patients seek a more defined, refreshed and confident look. With over 20 years of experience, he is a calm, caring and precise surgeon. He’s an approachable, honest Surgeon with excellent communication skills and a dedication to high-level patient care standards. With Dr Sackelariou’s precision planning and high-level surgical skills, you can enhance your chin to get the facial balance you’ve been missing.

Recessed chins or weak-looking jawlines can leave some individuals feeling self-conscious about their appearance.

  • Having a weak-looking, recessed chin can leave your face looking imbalanced
  • Your lips and smile may appear uneven or ‘overly toothy’
  • People may make instant judgements about appearances or personalities (first impressions) based on their interpretations of a weak-looking chin

Options for a Recessed Chin

There are TWO potential Chin Augmentation options that are typically recommended by Plastic Surgeons for individuals who have recessed “retracted” chin structures.

  1. Temporary Solution (Non-Surgical)
    • Chin Augmentation using non-surgical facial volumisers (dermal filler injections to the chin and/or jawline to temporarily augment existing structures) for subtle chin augmentation for slightly recessed chins.
  2. Longer-Term Chin Augmentation Surgery 
    • Chin implant or Chinplant procedures using Medpor Implants create stronger looking chin dimension and chin shape, which impacts the jawline in an aesthetically enhancing manner.
    • Lasting and significant chin augmentation to address more serious degrees of genetic chin retraction.

Chin Implant Surgery to correct a recessed chin is also known as a Chinplant

Sometimes a Chin implant procedure will benefit from additional shaping with Cosmetic Dermal Filler Injections, or a combination of chin augmentation with a neck or jaw area surgery such as a neck lift, facelift or double-chin injections to reduce sub-mental area fat bulges.

surgery-for-chin-augmentation Dr Richard Sackelariou

Options to treat a retruded chin or weak-looking jawline: Chin Surgery and other alternatives

Contouring Makeup to Enhance the Chin or Jawline for treating a recessed chin

  • Contouring makeup can sometimes help people disguise feature imbalances.
  • But with contouring makeup strategies, it’s easier to reduce the appearance of a feature than to significantly add to its proportions using a highlighter.
  • The effect is limiting.

Dermal Filler Chin and Jawline Augmentation (Facial Volumisation)

  • Chin injections using dermal filler may also help enhance the chin.
  • Dermal filler can augment the jawline and the chin, but is only for suitable candidates.
  • This non-surgical alternative is well worth exploring, but typically this method will only be suitable for mild cases of chin recession.
  • Phone Dr Sackelariou’s office for an assessment to see if you are a good candidate for Cosmetic Injections.

Usually, a surgeon will recommend surgical chin augmentation if the patient suffers from a significantly recessed chin. In other words, the surgeon will suggest using a chin implant as a solution to improve a weak-looking chin.

A strong chin and jawline go a long way to enhance the appearance of both men and women. Surgeons will adjust the chin augmentation or chin projection dimensions to suit the patient. This may mean enhancing the masculinity of a face or feminising the face. Moreover, the surgeon will take the individual’s existing anatomy, identity and desires into account.

Chin Implant Before and After Photos

A strong-looking chin and jawline can improve perceptions of attractiveness for men and women.


Celebrity Chin Implant, Marilyn Monroe?

Celebrities who benefited from Chin Augmentation procedures include Marilyn Monroe, according to photographs and medical records.

Marilyn Monroe was believed to have had a Chin Augmentation according to several surveyed Plastic Surgeons (and there were news stories after she died, indicating she did benefit from a stronger looking chin and firmer jawline).

Read Allure’s article on Marilyn Monroe’s Medical Records and Facial X-Rays or the Daily Mail’s article speculating Marilyn Monroe had a cartilage-based chin implant (these days, Medpor is one of the high-quality chin implant options for chin augmentation to strengthen a chin and jawline).

Did Marilyn Monroe have chin surgery to augment her lower face and jawline? Did it complement and enhance her looks? Many expert Plastic Surgeons think so. Did she or didn’t she? Look at these photographs and decide for yourself.

Chin Implant Before and After Photo - Dr Sackelariou Melbourne and Sydney Chin Surgeon

‘No Scar’ Chin Implant

There are no visible scars on the face after a chin implant. This is due to the fact that expert Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Sackelariou, uses advanced surgical techniques. He will insert the implant through incisions in the mouth. It’s one of the rare Face Surgery procedures where facial scars after surgery are NOT a primary concern for patients.

There are various strategies that can avoid or reduce face area scarring during chin augmentation surgery. Insertion of the chin implant through the mouth can avoid face area scars. However, it requires a highly skilled Surgeon, look for AHPRA and FRACS recognition as a genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon. This insertion technique will tend to leave no visible scars on the surface of your chin, neck or face.


Chin Injections vs Chin Augmentation using Implants

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation and Surgical Chin Implant options are available for Men and Women who want to treat a Receding Chin.

Find out whether dermal filler injections to the chin OR chin implants are going to be your better choice for facial enhancements of a receding chin.

Retracted, Recessed Chin Proportions Impact Your Entire Facial Appearance from the FRONT as well as the SIDE.


Why Choose Dr Richard Sackelariou?

The first step to chin augmentation surgery or cosmetic injections is to arrange a confidential appointment with Dr Richard Sackelariou in either his Melbourne 1300 264 811 or Sydney 1300 661 362  location.

During this consultation, you’ll be asked about your medical history, prior facial surgeries, and which concerns have led you to seek a surgical solution.  There is no obligation to proceed with surgery but you’ll have a far better idea about what’s involved with chin implant procedures.

An expert Plastic Surgeon in Chin Augmentation procedures, via plastic surgery and/or dermal filler volumisers, can give you details not only about the PROS but also the CONS of chin injections vs Medpor chin implants for enhancing your chin proportions.

Dr Richard Sackelariou is a renowned plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He is highly skilled and has worked in England, Paris, and Sydney, learning and improving his techniques as he went along. Dr Sackelariou specialises in face, nose, breast and body surgery for women and men.

Recommendation: Choose a FRACS recognised Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has expertise in your chosen procedure.

chin augmentation surgery using Medpor Implants - facial augmentation of the chin or jawline

What leads people to explore their Chin Augmentation Surgery OR the Dermal Filler Injection alternatives to chin implants?

Your chin appearance impacts not only your smile and lower face – but your overall facial appearance from every angle. The questions to ask yourself before booking a consultation include:

  • Have you seen your chin in photographs or 3D imaging from the front, the side or the 3/4 side-angle?
  • Does your chin seem to fade into a single diagonal line from your lower lip to your lower neck?
  • Do you have what’s technically called a retruded chin anatomy (a recessed chin)?
  • Do you struggle to bring your upper and lower lips together easily? This can be due to the chin being retracted or recessed. It can led to a larger, muscly-looking lower lip?
  • Are you self-conscious about your facial appearance and wish you had a stronger looking chin and jawline?

    If yes, it might be worth asking Melbourne and Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Sackelariou, for recommendations for Chin Implant Surgery or other forms of Jawline and Chin Augmentation, such as Dermal Filler/Cosmetic Injections for the chin and jawline.
chin augmentation before and after vector illustration

Why Have A Chin Augmentation

  • Some people are unhappy or self-conscious about the appearance of their chin.
  • Others have a muscly-looking lower lip.
  • They want the appearance benefits of a more defined looking chin area to combat weak-looking chin proportions.
  • If you think your face looks ‘chinless’ or your lower face appears diminished in projection, in comparison to the proportions of your upper face including cheekbones, you might want to investigate the INS and OUTS of not only chin augmentation but also jawline enhancement procedures.

Choosing the right Chin Augmentation option for your concerns may help you:

  • Gain a stronger looking chin or jawline
  • Improve both your feature harmony and facial balance
  • Help you enjoy an improved facial aesthetics including an enhanced smile

Phone us today to ask for a confidential consultation to explore your options for:

We use Medpor Chin Implants to perform what’s commonly called a CHINPLANT Plastic Surgery procedure.


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Patients love his caring manner, his dedication to excellence and his extensive expertise in surgical planning for a natural-looking, harmonious result.

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