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Lip Lift Surgery: Bullhorn Lip Lift

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Lip Lift Surgery: Bullhorn Lip Lift


Are you wondering if you’re a good surgery candidate for a bullhorn lip lift procedure? Are you curious to learn more about the differences between a surgical lip lift and other cosmetic lip- shaping procedures, such as lip filler injections?  Find out whether you’re better off with a lip lift surgery vs lip filler injections by phoning our office to ask for a confidential consultation with facial rejuvenation expert, Dr Richard Sackelariou, based in Melbourne.

Lip Lift Surgery vs Lip Augmentation using Dermal Filler/Lip Filler Injections

There are several lip enhancement options to improve your facial appearance.

The most frequently requested lip augmentation options in our Melbourne locations include:

  • Lip Filler Injections (Lip Augmentation using Dermal Fillers)
    • Lower lip injections for fullness or shaping of the lip
    • Upper lip injections for fullness, cupid bow enhancements or shaping of the lip
  • Lip Lift Surgery (the bullhorn lip lift)
    • Upper lip lift surgery may suit individuals who have an elongated philtrum (the area between the nose and the upper lip) that leaves their face looking aged or ‘long’
    • May help remedy a scenario where the philtrum hides the upper teeth, which leaves the individual with a smile that shows only the lower teeth and which looks imbalanced


Dr Richard Sackelariou, one of Melbourne’s most respected precision-focused Specialist Plastic Surgeons for breast surgery and facial rejuvenation procedures. His areas of expertise include lip augmentation, chin augmentation, facelift surgery, eyelid surgery, brow lift procedures, rhinoplasty surgery, otoplasty and abdominoplasty.

In terms of facial enhancements for people of all ages, Dr Sackelariou is an expert in various form of lip augmentation including a lip lift surgery and lip filler injections as well as lower jawline refinements such as chin augmentation using a chin implant or lower-facelift and neck lift surgery.

His is highly sought after for his precision plastic surgery techniques for facial rejuvenation procedures and for Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Lift Surgery, Cheek Fat Pad Elevation and Facial Feature Augmentation.

If you seek facial rejuvenation through non-surgical methods, such as Cosmetic Injections (dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections), please phone our office for a consultation.

Read this blog on upper lip lift surgery with facial rejuvenation expert, Dr Richard Sackelariou.

No-obligation consultations for plastic surgery and cosmetic injections are available in Melbourne on a fort-nightly basis.

Please phone our offices for information on available appointments in Melbourne.

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