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Neck Lift – Platysmaplasty

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Neck Lift Surgery in Melbourne and Sydney

Neck lift surgery or Platysmaplasty can tighten sagging skin and drooping muscles to restore a youthful neck. It is a procedure often used in conjunction with a face lift. 

Time, gravity and age cause the elasticity of the neck and face to deplete and the neck muscle to weaken. When this happens it can lead to a flabby, sagging, “turkey neck” appearance.¬†It is little-known fact that the neck plays such a big a role in prematurely ageing.

Who Can Benefit from a Neck LIft?

Patients with Vertical Banding

Vertical banding occurs when the neck muscles droop, causing your neck to appear banded. This causes significant premature aging and most patients find it to be an unsightly look. Neck lift surgery can be used to tighten the drooping muscle to restore a more youthful contour to the neck.

Patients with Excess Neck Skin

Excess skin can accumulate along the neck as a result of sagging from weight loss or aging. This sagging skin hides your once slim and graceful neck. Neck lift surgery can trim away the excess tissue and the remaining tissue is re-positioned so that it highlights the natural, beautiful contours of your neck.

Patients with Excess Neck Fat

Despite our best attempts at diet and weight loss, some areas of our body can hold onto stubborn pockets of fat. It is not uncommon for stubborn pockets to form on the neck, causing you to have a rounder face and an ill-defined jawline. Liposculpture combined with a Neck Lift can remove these unwanted pockets of fat and give you back your refined, attractive jawline.

Ageing Patients

Age, gravity and lifestyle can play a huge factor in the sagging of both the skin and muscles of the neck. A Neck Lift can correct these simple ageing issues, giving you back your youthful appearance. For patients with ageing features, a Neck Lift is often best combined with a Face Lift for the best results.

What do you want from Your Neck Lift Surgery?

Heavy Jowls

You may be suffering from an accumulation of fat around the neck and jawline, resulting in heavy jowls. This unattractive look ages the face and pulls it down, often giving patients an unwanted grouchy expression. A Neck Lift can help tighten drooping skin and muscle, as well as remove problem fat, in order to regain your natural, youthful appearance and modify your expression.

Neck Muscle Tightening

As we age, gravity and time can cause our neck muscles to lose their tightness and droop. This is one of the biggest causes for a saggy or “turkey” looking neck. A Neck Lift can help tighten those lax muscles, giving you back that youthful contour you’ve been desiring.


Nothing ages us faster than drooping around the neck and face, which can lead to embarrassment and a lack of confidence in social situations. There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and not recognising the person looking back at you. A Neck Lift can give you back your confidence so you feel better about yourself knowing you look as youthful and as natural as you feel inside.

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