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Tuberous Breast Surgery

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Tuberous Breast Surgery in Sydney and Melbourne

What are Tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous or Tubular Breasts are breasts that did not form naturally. They are characterised by small, unevenly developed breasts often in a triangular or tubular shape with puffy nipples that can point downward or inward. From the side, they appear narrow. Tuberous breasts tend to be smaller than average and have a wide space between them. They often come with other complications such as asymmetry. Essentially, tuberous breasts is a catchall name for a number of breast conditions.

Most importantly, from a medical standpoint, tuberous breasts have a flattened connection to the chest wall. Where a normal breast joins the chest wall with an almost round or circular base, in tuberous breasts the breast is flattened against the chest wall in what is called a constricted base.

If you feel your breasts look underdeveloped or there is a marked difference in their appearance from other breasts, you may suffer from tuberous breasts. While tuberous breasts are considered a rarity they can be operated on safely by our expert surgeon.

What Can Be Done about Tuberous Breasts?

There are a number of surgical procedures that can be performed to correct tuberous breasts. However, you must remember that most surgical options will involve some kind of glandular or breast tissue remodelling.

If the nipple is NOT at a natural angle or position, you may require a Breast Lift to correct your breasts. Sometimes the areola is quite large. This can be reduced as part of other procedures or alone if no other procedures are required.

If the breast itself has not fully developed then a Breast Augmentation or Enlargement, using implants, may be required. This can be done at the same time as your glandular remodelling and a Breast Lift, if necessary. It is not uncommon for different surgeries to be carried out on each breast as tuberous breast are quite often different on each side.


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Why Choose a Specialist Plastic Surgeon?

It is important to approach a fully qualified surgeon, like Dr Sackelariou, regarding breast implants and augmentation for tuberous breasts. All too often more inexperienced doctors will simply place the implant within the breast as you would for a normal breast augmentation. This results in a tuberous breast sitting on top of an implant – which is NOT a satisfactory or natural result for the patient

The aim of all tuberous breast surgeries performed by Dr Sackelariou, is to ensure patients recover with breasts that look normal, symmetrical and with minimal scarring.

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